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Twin Cities Based Painting Company completes large interior painting/staining job in North Oaks MN

Complete Custom Painting is a Twin Cities based painting company that does interior and exterior painting and staining. On this job we mixed two types of stains, one for the pine and one for the oak and we painted all the ceilings and walls.  Excellent service and care of the homeowners property was needed as the floors were just finished.  The products that were used were water-based stain, Zero VOC Wall and ceiling paint and water based polyurethane.  Complete Custom Painting offers interior and exterior residential and commercial painting in the Twin Cities, Metro Area.  This job was in North Oaks.

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Twin Cities Based Painting Company completes window enameling in Edina, MN

Complete Custom Painting is a Twin Cities based Painting Company that does interior and exterior painting and staining.

On this job 2 painters were tasked with matching an existing deep based Cherry stain and matching an enameled fireplace mantle to several new windows.  The process involved enameling with Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo and staining with General Finishes Staining Products.  All products were water-based because we are conscience of homeowners health needs.  In addition, we did a through walk through in order to make sure the customer was extremely happy with the end result.  Quality is the most imporatant aspect of our job, and service is extremley important to make sure all of the customers needs are met.

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Wallpaper removal in Coon Rapids, MN

It is important to sample the removal of wallpaper for any jobs that involve it prior to submitting a price to a customer.

Depending on the time it was installed, brand that was used, surface it was put over etc, wallpaper will pull off more easily or difficult.  This is consistent with 54 inch vinyl paper (commercial wall covering) or with the stuff you see in homes (wallpaper).  We did a job about 4 or 5 years back that required a lot of wallpaper removal and commercial painting and I had a wall paper installer with over 30 years experience look it over and he would not commit to a price for rem,oval without doing a lot of removing (sampling) all over the job.  When you do the sample, you shouldn’t pull a small piece on a corner you should do the same process that you plan to do if awarded the job on an entire section to be sure of the effort it will take for the removal.  This is the fairest way to submit a bid to your customer and be confident it has value (both for you and the customer).

In this picture I sampled 4 areas for a large home on the Mississippi River in Coon Rapids and found that 3 out of the 4 areas pulled easily with relatively no scoring or fabric softener application (that’s what we use instead of the harsh chemicals that are over priced), but one of the areas required a lot of scoring, a much longer dwell time for the water and revealed that a little more attention will need to be showed to the wall after the wallpaper is removed.  After seeing how the different wall paper pulled in the different areas, I can plan for a full skim coat in the one area and plan for a light sanding in the other 3 areas.  Now, my bid will have accuracy, the customer will get a perfect job at the correct price.


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Enameling Cabinets in White Bear Lake

Here is job we enameled for a cabinet maker.  The homeowner of these new cabinets was adamant she wanted a non-oil product because of concerns about the environment, vocs, etc etc.  After we showed them some samples, the homeowner really wanted the look of oil (which has a different luster than water-based products) however.  There are several products that spray nicely and “lay down” beautifully that are called Alkyd Hybrids.  They achieve the look of oil but have much lower voc’s than oil.  They also, seal wood surfaces better than a water-based product.

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Dark Stain Colors on Maple

To achieve the darkest stain color on Maple you need to do one of the following.  1.  Add dye to the stain (use two coats and wipe each coat) or wet rag off the 2nd coat (this should only be done by someone who has done it before and should not be attempted by a first timer or even a paint store employee who has “heard of that” or “seen that once or twice”) or 2.  Shade lacquer.   Shading lacquer to get a very deep color on maple is normally a 4 coat process (perhaps more) and requires a lot of work.  It makes sense to find the correct painting contractor or cabinet finisher to do this work as opposed to trying to talk your painter, handyman, carpenter or novice how to do it for you.  It won’t work.  On this job in particular I was asked to do finish some doors for a contractor.  The previous painter was using an oil based stain but did not have a dye compatible stain.  We were hired to finish the job and are using a dye stain and 3 clean coats (one of the clear coats will be shaded a tad)  Cabinet staining in Stillwater, MN

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Durable Kitchen in White Bear Lake

Paint is largely and esthetic product that requires maintenance.  Of course certain products and application methods are superior to others, but certain areas or items don’t need the same level of prep/attention (although every item always needs the correct prep/attention).  An obvious example is an concrete floor vs a drywall ceiling.  For the concrete floor to receive a coating and perform it needs extensive prep and 4 coats of a 100 percent solids, 2 part epoxy.  For the drywall ceiling to perform it needs one coat of primer and one coat of flat paint.  The drywall ceiling should last for 50 years (depending on the conditions) after that process.  Even though the concrete floor receives far more prep, a more durable coating, more coats and is cleaned/washed more often, the drywall ceiling will likely last longer.  The answer to this is obvious… the floor gets far more wear.  To the point WEAR is an important thing to consider when considering your painting contractor.  If you are putting any amount of money into your woodwork, walls, cabinets or you have an active family, or you put a lot of use into your kitchen, or you have grandkids that visit.  It is worth it to talk to a professional, explain what you are trying to achieve and explain the amount of WEAR your particular project is going to receive.  A professional will take it from there.  Here is a Kitchen in White Bear Lake we did with the following process:  1 coat of oil based high build primer on the cabinets after sanding.  2 top coats of Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Oil Finish.  We thin down one coat and use a flow additive in one of the coats to achieve a better finish.  We also painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Duration which is a durable, washable paint.  Finally we used a Sherwin Williams BAC wiping stain, 1 coat of sealer and 2 top coats of varnish on the alder cabinets.  The results were outstanding.  This homeowner uses her kitchen a lot (cooking a minimum of 2 meals a day) and has 3 kids (often times running through the kitchen, using the sink, opening the fridge.  She need a durable, professionally enameled kitchen.

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Brushed enamel work in Minneapolis

Brushing enamel can turn out great.  In high traffic areas there is no substitute for a gloss, oil finish.  There are no products on the market that are water based that are as durable as the oil finish.  It is also easier to brush than the water based products because they stay open longer (dry slower).  Generally speaking, the longer a product stays open, the fewer brush marks you will see.  To achieve a professional  finish there are a few additives that we use to reduce brush marks.  It is also a requirement that the applicator have experience.  We did this Trolley care in downtown Minneapolis for The Old Spaghetti Factory.  Hundreds of people go there daily to eat their delicious food and bang into, sit on, accidentally kick and spill on the booths in this trolley car.  I received a durable finish with a professional look.

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Perfect enamel work in Minneapolis

Often times I’ll hear from homeowners who want to change maple or oak (previously stained and sealed) to an enameled finish.   The correct process can produce fantastic, durable results that last for a very long time.  Every once and awhile I’ll see a site where a previous paint or homeowner tried to use a product that claimed to be “pro primer/pro prep.”  Those products are fine so certain scenarios (extremely rare) but painting previously stained woodwork is not one of them.  The correct process for achieving a completely quality finish is to 1.  Sand all woodwork to create a profile.  2.  Vacuum and De-Gloss the coating with a solvent (the correct solvent is important because if the previous coating was an oil you need to use the correct de-glosser like wil-bond but if the previous coating was water-based then you need to use something else) 3.  Use the correct adhesion primer for the first coat.  4.  Use the correct putty and caulk for all seems.  Believe it or not the top coat you use after this is over-rated.  Of course if you take the time to do it correctly then you won’t want to use the worst top coat and you’ll want to use an oil enamel or a alkyd hybrid enamel (I don’t love water-based enamel but the hybrid products are pretty good)

Attached are pictures of a job in Minneapolis where they went from Stained Maple to Enamel.  The results were great.

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Pine or Maple can look like Cherry

To stain Pine or Maple to look like Cherry, you can use 2 coats of Conditioner and use a heavier bodied stain (some water based stains or a stain like Zar) can dry brush it until the color is uniform.  There will be almost no unevenness (as opposed to when you wipe off the stain) and the brush marks will disappear eventually.  Here is some trim we stained for a window job in White Bear Township.  It is actually pine but looks very similar to Cherry.

Painting with Deep Base Colors

Q: What kind of paint should I use when painting deep base colors?

A:  The most expensive you can find…..with a caveat

There are scenarios (even in extremely low profile job scenarios) where it pays to go with the most expensive paint available.  It will ultimately save you money.  One of these scenarios is using deep base colors on accent walls.

Bright Reds, Dark Green, Royal Blues and other deep base colors will not cover in two coats (even if you tint a quality primer) if you get cheap paint.  You’ll end up spending a lot more time with 3, 4 or 5 coats then you otherwise would if you simply would have got one of the two products.  1.  Benjamin Moore’s Aura or 2. Sherwin Williams’ Emerald.  Both Products are selling around $70.00 retail.  A good painting contractor can do considerably better on that price but these products will generally cover in two coats (with primer and sometimes without) in any color and they are largely burnish resistant to boot.

Here is a job where a homeowner picked up the paint for an accent wall for us.   Generally I always buy products but on this particular job the homeowner was insistent on purchasing the paint.  We primed the walls with a dark grey and ended up applying 4 top coats:  I didn’t charge the customer any extra money because there was other work to be done as we allowed this paint to dry but had the homeowner wanted an entire room painted with such a poor product it could have cost him a lot more.

You can see from the pic that after a patch, primer and two top coats its not even close to a finished product.  Stick with the top of the line products for any deep base color…