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The Dangers of Lead Paint: How to Protect Your Family  0

Wall with dangerous, cracking lead-based paint

Lead was once a common ingredient in house paint in the vast majority of homes before the dangers were fully known. It was mainly used due to the pigment it provided and the increase in durability it afforded.

Although it was officially banned in U.S. paint in 1978, millions of homes and establishments still have remnants of lead-based paint both inside and out. With exposure still possible, what are the dangers of lead paint in your home?

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Painting Exteriors with Deep Base Colors in Woodbury

Exterior paint will fade in the sun.  In order to keep it from fading quickly, you need to do the following:  Always remove any debris, chalking or efflorescence.  This can be done by detergent washing the house with the correct cleaner.  Always use the correct primer.  On concrete composite hard board, you need to use concrete specific primer.  Finally fully back roll/back-brush the top coat and use a satin sheen.  An experienced painter should be able to get the 2nd coat of paint to level out (even with higher sheens)

Here is a house we painted in the Lake Elmo Woodbury Area.

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Complete Custom Painting LLC

Complete Custom Painting offers interior and exterior residential and commercial painting in the Twin Cities and Seven Country Metro Area.

Founded in 2005 by Nick Dettinger, Complete Custom Painting has maintained a focus on quality workmanship.  As a result of our quality workmanship, Complete Custom Painting has consistently grown our repeat customer base and added new customers each year.

After more than 10 years in business our companies primary goal is to do a quality job for each customer.  Complete Custom Painting has experience working for some of the most particular homeowners and remodelers in the Twin Cities Metro Area and also has experience in new construction painting, commercial painting and light industrial painting for some of the largest property management companies in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  Complete Custom Painting maintains relationships with its customers by doing quality work and providing excellent service.  Each job is reviewed by the owner of the company and each estimate gives a detailed description of the prep work and products we plan to use on your job.  All jobs are scheduled through a company employee and we give a complimentary 24 hour call the day before we arrive to paint your project.  Complete Custom Painting has several employees that specialize in staining and smaller painting jobs and we source several sub-contractors for larger jobs.   All of the painters for Complete Custom Painting get etiquette training, a back-ground check and have a minimum of three years of painting experience.   Each job requires detailed, thoughtful service and a quality finish.

We specialize in:

  • Exterior Painting and Staining for Homeowners and Residential Property Managers.
  • Interior Painting, Staining and Texture Repair for Homeowners.
  • Interior Staining and Enameling for Contractors.
  • Commercial Painting for Property Managers.

For a Free Estimate call Nick Dettinger at 651-336-0561

What is a safe way to remove Graffiti without damaging the undercoat?

When one of our fellow citizens runs around at night and decides to paint all over your business, home, commercial building, parking ramp, retaining wall etc etc it causes you a headache.  Their is a new product that we used recently that can remove the graffiti coating and leave the under coat safe from marring, scraping or the  cumbersome task of having to fully paint everything to match.

There are 2 types of products available (both are lemon based out of Australia).  One is for graffiti done on softer surfaces like a previously painted wall and one is for graffiti done on hard surfaces like block, retaining wall, ferrous steel.

On this job a large building in St. Paul was “tagged” and the property manager called us.  We were able to fully remove the graffiti without damaging the pre-finished aluminum siding.  There was no marring and no scraping.  Also, we were not required to prime and paint the surface (which could have voided any manufacturer warranty).  For safe, effective graffiti removal call Complete Custom Painting