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Should I Hire a Painter or Do It Myself? The Pros and Cons of Both  0

Painting the interior or exterior of a home is one of the fastest ways to transform its look and feel. Paint colors affect people’s overall perception of a home, so it’s important to do the job right, whether on your own or with help from professionals. There is a big difference between a home with an attractive fresh coat of paint and one with a sloppy paint job.

Now you’re faced with a choice. How do you add visual appeal to a home with paint — do you take a weekend to do it yourself or do you rely on contractors? There are many factors that are sure to affect your decision, including costs, time commitment, and safety. When you’re asking yourself, “Should I hire a painter or do it myself?” take time to weigh your painting priorities.

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Commercial Roof Washing/Vinyl Roofs/Commercial Buildings

To maintain the warranty on white vinyl roofs they need to be maintained.  They all collect dirt, mildew, suite and various other types of debris.  They need patching occasionally and washing also.  An important aspect for cleaning them is to avoid using a harsh chemical that would potentially etch or modify the composition or the surface.  The correct process is to use a detergent that won’t harm the surface and wash the surface so as not to damage it.  On this commercial vinyl roof in Minnetonka, MN we used a gentle, environmetally friendly detergent, scrubbed it gently then washed it with a Hot Water Washer.  A big advantage to acheieving a cleaner roof is Hot water.  Hot water cleans everything better so the owner of the building got a better job in the same amount of time and at the same price than had a company used cold water.

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Wallpaper removal in Coon Rapids, MN

It is important to sample the removal of wallpaper for any jobs that involve it prior to submitting a price to a customer.

Depending on the time it was installed, brand that was used, surface it was put over etc, wallpaper will pull off more easily or difficult.  This is consistent with 54 inch vinyl paper (commercial wall covering) or with the stuff you see in homes (wallpaper).  We did a job about 4 or 5 years back that required a lot of wallpaper removal and commercial painting and I had a wall paper installer with over 30 years experience look it over and he would not commit to a price for rem,oval without doing a lot of removing (sampling) all over the job.  When you do the sample, you shouldn’t pull a small piece on a corner you should do the same process that you plan to do if awarded the job on an entire section to be sure of the effort it will take for the removal.  This is the fairest way to submit a bid to your customer and be confident it has value (both for you and the customer).

In this picture I sampled 4 areas for a large home on the Mississippi River in Coon Rapids and found that 3 out of the 4 areas pulled easily with relatively no scoring or fabric softener application (that’s what we use instead of the harsh chemicals that are over priced), but one of the areas required a lot of scoring, a much longer dwell time for the water and revealed that a little more attention will need to be showed to the wall after the wallpaper is removed.  After seeing how the different wall paper pulled in the different areas, I can plan for a full skim coat in the one area and plan for a light sanding in the other 3 areas.  Now, my bid will have accuracy, the customer will get a perfect job at the correct price.


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Painting with Dark colors on exterior exposures (houses or commercial)

The sun, excessive moisture and cold weather are harsh on exterior surfaces.  One clear instance of this is when you see a dark color begin to fade, oxidize, chalk or show lines.  This happens because deeper base colors have more colorant in it and the colorant in paint tends to be less resistant to paint fading than the other ingredients in the typical can of exterior paint.  Another reason oxidizing can occur is when the surface that is painted is reacting chemically from the underside.  Two examples:   When cement or cement composite surfaces help to discolor a dark paint because of efflorescence.   Efflorescence is when salt comes out of cement/concrete surfaces and makes “white marks” or “chalk marks”. The 2nd example is when a galvanized metal is painted without the proper prep.  When you have an instance where you have a deep base color that is fading, you have to use the correct primer (if its an instance of a concrete composite surface) and use a top coat that resists fading.  There are a few top coats that do much better against fading in deep base color, and there are primers that are made to block and adhere to cement or properly prepared galvanized surfaces.  If you use the correct products and process the results should be excellent.  The pictures are of a job where we painted a deep red on the entry doors of some condos in St. Paul, MN.  The previous paint was fading, discolored and mis-matched.  We prepped correctly and used the correct top coat to resist fading.

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Brushed enamel work in Minneapolis

Brushing enamel can turn out great.  In high traffic areas there is no substitute for a gloss, oil finish.  There are no products on the market that are water based that are as durable as the oil finish.  It is also easier to brush than the water based products because they stay open longer (dry slower).  Generally speaking, the longer a product stays open, the fewer brush marks you will see.  To achieve a professional  finish there are a few additives that we use to reduce brush marks.  It is also a requirement that the applicator have experience.  We did this Trolley care in downtown Minneapolis for The Old Spaghetti Factory.  Hundreds of people go there daily to eat their delicious food and bang into, sit on, accidentally kick and spill on the booths in this trolley car.  I received a durable finish with a professional look.

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Commercial Building Painting in Bloomington

Safety is a concern for property owners.  Especially near parking ramps and entrances/exits of buildings where thousands of people walk everyday.  The question for a commercial painter is:  Can you apply a durable coating that is washable and will last.  The answer is yes.  100 percent solids epoxy are available but they need to be mixed correctly, applied correctly and in the correct conditions.  Here is a picture of a job we did for an important customer in Bloomington.  Some epoxy’s dry as hard as concrete, but they shouldn’t be applied by a first timer.  We did the grey epoxy 5 years ago and its in nearly perfect condition to this day.  They had us come back to apply epoxy to the gradual drop off area in safety yellow color.  We added a sand aggregate for additional grip.

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Commercial Painting in Plymouth

Exterior Metal Items rust quickly in Minnesota.  To maintain them it requires regular inspection and maintenance.  On certain items that are required to carry a load (like a swing stage anchor, railing supports in high areas or stairwell headers) a professional engineer should assess them.  On other items (anything aesthetic or any item that if it failed would not be a hazard) a professional painting company should be able to give you an assessment of the most pressing items in need of maintenance and painting.  Items on commercial properties that often times require maintenance painting are:  Light poles, light pole bases, railings, metal door frames, metal entry doors, garage doors, swing stage support brackets and anything made of steel that you want to maintain its professional appearance) A few great tools that we used on this project were: Angle sanders with vacuum attachments, professional scrapers, dispensers and the correct brushes and rollers.  The products were Industrial rust inhibitive primers and enamels.  Complete Custom Painting LLC Painted the Teal Railing at this High Profile Building in Plymouth.

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What is a safe way to remove Graffiti without damaging the undercoat?

When one of our fellow citizens runs around at night and decides to paint all over your business, home, commercial building, parking ramp, retaining wall etc etc it causes you a headache.  Their is a new product that we used recently that can remove the graffiti coating and leave the under coat safe from marring, scraping or the  cumbersome task of having to fully paint everything to match.

There are 2 types of products available (both are lemon based out of Australia).  One is for graffiti done on softer surfaces like a previously painted wall and one is for graffiti done on hard surfaces like block, retaining wall, ferrous steel.

On this job a large building in St. Paul was “tagged” and the property manager called us.  We were able to fully remove the graffiti without damaging the pre-finished aluminum siding.  There was no marring and no scraping.  Also, we were not required to prime and paint the surface (which could have voided any manufacturer warranty).  For safe, effective graffiti removal call Complete Custom Painting